Your 101 Guide To Installing New Flooring

Brand-new flooring can bring a new lease of life to your home. Walking into a room and seeing gleaming new hardwood, vinyl or laminate floors can truly make a room that was once just normal feel special – and with the help of a good contractor to help install flooring, the job can be done in no time. 

What Types Of Flooring Are There?


Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options, and benefits from simple construction, generally coming in individual strips or planks. As a renewable source, it’s environmentally friendly - and you can also use reclaimed wood. Hardwood is an attractive look in literally any room, and is very long-lasting, meaning you get more bang for your buck - it can even increase the value of your Johnstown home. They don’t stand well up to rough handling though and can be on the pricier side.


Laminate flooring is made of a thin veneer over engineered plywood. Coming in planks or tiles, the veneer can come in any appearance you like - so if you’re looking for a wood or stone effect without the price, this is an excellent choice in any Fonda home. This type of flooring is incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain, and can also be laid over existing flooring for easy installation. It’s also on the cheaper side - but, unlike wood, it can’t be refinished when it wears down, so it may need replacing quicker.


The last of our top picks, vinyl flooring is a resilient choice. Made from PVC attached to a layer of felt, this choice can be softer underfoot and like laminate can be treated for a variety of wood- or stone-like effects, or other patterns. Vinyl’s a heavy-duty flooring choice, with floors lasting for up to 20 years. It can, however, be made cheaply and at low-quality, so if you’re cutting corners it’ll show - and it’s also non-renewable, so can be harder on the environment. If you’re on a budget, though, vinyl’s a great option for your Mayfield home.

Which Is Right For Me?

Any of these three will guarantee you a gorgeous floor when installed by the right contractor. If you have a little extra money to spend, though, wood floors are worth the money you’ll spend on them – as well as being a greener option. Both laminate and vinyl, however, are easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain options that will give your Gloversville house a much-needed pop – and then benefit from being cheaper. 


It’s worth pointing out that there are many more flooring choices out there, from tile to cork, to carpet – but for hard flooring, the three looked at here are our top choices. 

How Will My Flooring Be Installed?

When it comes to install flooring in your Broadalbin home, it’s easy to get nervous. But don’t worry! A good contractor can deal with all of the following steps. 

We Specialize In


Laminate or Vinyl

When installing laminate or vinyl flooring the process is very similar. First, your contractor will measure out your chosen flooring in the room that’s being spruced up. They’ll next prepare the sub-floor and/or underlay for the new floor to go on top of. 


Once the sub-floor’s ready, your contractor will then fit the floor, cutting it to size and making sure it’s secure and snug. The final step is to install skirting around the edges – and that’s it! Your new floor is ready to go!



While installing hardwood flooring seems intimidating, the process is remarkably similar to laminate or vinyl. The first step is to prepare the sub-floor, making sure it’s ready to receive the new planks. After this, the wood will be inspected, and the wood will need to acclimatize to the room.

After everything’s ready to go, the planks will be installed one-by-one on the sub-floor and fitted together perfectly. Once the floor is all fitted and nailed down, it’s time to enjoy your brand new look.

Do I Need A Contractor To Install Flooring?

It’s important to note that while the above sounds easy, to install flooring is a devilishly complicated process that needs extensive experience. Installing hardwood floors, for example, requires a huge amount of site condition checks before you’re good to go, and if you don’t do this, you’ll have trouble down the line. Vinyl and laminate flooring face similar problems. 

So, save yourself the trouble, the time, and the money you may have to spend further down the line and hire a contractor for installing new flooring. Not only can they advise you in styles and choices, but they will make sure your floor is fitted to last a lifetime.

At 518 Renovations, we’re ready to help with everything you need to install flooring. Our highly competent contractors can assist from picking the right floor for your Amsterdam home to leaving you satisfied with a perfect new fit. Get in touch today to find out more.